Vietravel – Branding Campaign 2021


x2 Revenue

Booking revenue


Digital Marketing Cost

Vietravel is a long-standing travel company in Vietnam, wishing to increase brand awareness on social media. Chin is the media partner for this project of Vietravel.



Vietravel is a Vietnamese travel company established in 1995, so far has more than 27 years of experience in the tourism market.

However, with a lot of experience, Vietravel is still in a difficult position and needs to recalculate strategic moves after the COVID-19 epidemic, which has had a direct impact on the world tourism industry (not only Vietnam).
Vietravel’s desire for this strategy is to make the most of social media to cover all travel services, especially online booking. With the experience of being a successful media agency with many case studies in the field of tourism, Chin Media has become a prestigious partner for this campaign of Vietravel.


Chin Media proposed the solution “Increasing online bookings through expanding the group of potential customers“. The COVID-19 epidemic is gradually being well controlled, so the tourism industry needs to be restored and people are also normalizing their travel needs. Therefore, expanding potential customers into wider groups will help Vietravel expand the brand image in customers’ minds.

How it works

  • Make the most of search engines such as Coc Coc, GDN and Fanpages, Youtube with unique content produced exclusively with Chin Media’s creative team to help Vietravel successfully attract a large number of users.
  • Install advanced GA tracking and track real-time on the dashboard so it’s easy to optimize across the entire campaign.


  • x2 booking revenue
  • -5,15% digital marketing cost
Growth With Us

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