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Established in Germany since 1923, Häfele is a world-renowned brand for smart home and project solutions. Chin Media has helped Häfele to strategize with impressive results.


Häfele has been established in Germany since 1923 and specializes in supplying hardware systems, accessories and electronic locking systems with presence in more than 150 countries. In Vietnam, Häfele aims to become a recognized brand as “Comprehensive living space solution for Vietnamese people” by 2025.
After the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 is forecasted to be a fierce explosive year of e-commerce in Vietnam due to the influence of changes in consumer buying behavior. At the same time, consumers today are very smart and careful in choosing suppliers when making purchasing decisions. Therefore, to become the top-of-mind choice of consumers is not an easy challenge for Häfele.
Häfele aspires to provide a seamless, personalized shopping experience for its customers and to differentiate itself from its competitors. And Chin Media is a trusted choice to help the company plan a strategy to expand its revenue sources online: the brand’s website and e-commerce platforms.


Chin Media proposed application solutions “integrated communication Social Media and Ecommerce based on Consumer Journey” to increase brand awareness and drive online revenue growth. At the same time, this solution will make the company’s e-commerce store accessible all day, allowing people to shop 24/7 regardless of where they live.

How it works

  • The campaign is divided into 2 phases to optimize each stage from awareness to consideration and purchase decision of the user. Phase 1 is “all Häfele products are available on e-commerce sites” and phase 2 is “benefits of buying Häfele products because there are many incentives”.
  • Chin Media understands that the key for customers to recognize and consider products is to ensure the appearance of the brand on all popular e-commerce platforms, search platforms and own a quality e-com site. quantity. That’s why phase 1, Hafele’s campaign focuses on optimizing awareness.
  • With phase 2, when customers have made an impression, Chin Media focuses on promoting buying action programs such as Tet, March 8, Black Friday, Mid-Autumn Festival, Dzot Co soul, Shopee Birthday, Lazada, Tiki, etc. as well as seasonal characteristics of products to promote product categories.


  • +27% sales
  • +4000 successful order
  • Average value of each order is over 5,000,000VND
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