Launching a new car line, Toyota needs a digital communication solution to increase the recognition of VIOS cars, attract test drive registrations and find potential customers.


Toyota – the world’s largest car manufacturer, wants to raise awareness about the VIOS series (Vios G, GRS, E) and attract potential customers.


Based on the product characteristics of the high-end VIOS car line, Chin classifies potential customers into 2 groups as Individual and Corporate. While individual customers are interested in Comfort in new journeys, Improvement in specifications, Youthful and sporty design, corporate customers need Initial investment costs and costs. Low operating costs, as well as optimal investment support, bring the best rental business performance.
From there, Chin proposes different strategies, promotions and creative approaches for each target customer group to attract them from Facebook (PE, Traffic, Video, Lead Form), Google (PE, Traffic, Video, Lead Form) channels ( SEM, YT, GDN), ADX and Native ads.


1.5M+ clicks on social media
7K+ potential customers
Raise awareness about VIOS on online channels

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